Anti-Coagulation and It’s Treatment

Anti-coagulation and its treatment

Anti-coagulants are the medicines given to the patients suffering from high rate of blood clotting problem(s). Under the administration of anti-coagulants, the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke at a serious level reduces.

A blood clot is created to heal up a wound and stop bleeding; however, when it happens frequently, it stops proper blood flow to the organs and thus adequate supply to the organs (heart, lungs and brain) is barred. The loss of blood or its scarcity causes lack of oxygen in the same and thus stops organs from proper functioning.

Thus, anti-coagulant works by interrupting the mechanism involved in clotting of blood. The availability might be an issue for some however over the years, the same has been taken care of, through companies offering Pharmaceutical consulting services.

AlleviareIndia shows you a way towards new life by its anti-coagulant named program medicines. Approved by FD, two among these are below :

 Defitelio – It is prescribed for the treatment of the Sinusoidal obstruction syndrome in Hematopoeitic stem cell transplantation, also known as Hepatic venous Occlusive disease (VOD). AlleviareIndia connects the patients with the suppliers who can ship the required medicine on a valid prescription to any part of the world.

 Acova – An anti-coagulant that prevents the platelets of the blood from clotting while receiving heparin. It is usually given to the patients suffering from low levels of platelets in the blood known as Thromobocytopenia. It is also given to the patients undergoing angioplasty to open and broaden the blocked arteries.

Thus, the patients can approach AlleviareIndia for assistance regarding these anti-coagulants under their named program medicines.


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