10 Signs that may indicate you are at risk for diabetes

What is Diabetes?  Diabetes is a sickness that happens when glucose (blood glucose) is excessively high, and this can be because of insulin opposition (Type 2 diabetes) or the failure to make insulin (Type 1 diabetes). Type 1 Diabetes  Type 1 diabetes is generally analyzed during adolescence. Interestingly, type 2 diabetes can create at whatever […]

What happen when if you have Gaucher Disease

What is Gaucher Disease?  Gaucher disease is an uncommon hereditary issue passed down from guardians to kids (acquired). At the point when you have Gaucher disease, you are feeling the loss of a chemical that separates greasy substances called lipids. Lipids begin to develop in specific organs like your spleen and liver. This can cause various […]

Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Cause, Diagnosis, Treatment And Their Risk

What is Prostate Cancer?  Prostate cancer is set apart by an uncontrolled (dangerous) development of cells in the prostate organ. The prostate is the pecan-measured organ in men, found just underneath the bladder and before the rectum, encompassing the urethra – the cylinder that does pee of the bladder. The prostate delivers and stores liquid […]

Drugs available for advanced Prostate Cancer

What is Erleada (Apalutamide)? Apalutamide is utilized to treat specific sorts of Prostate cancer (malignant growth in men that starts in the prostate [a male regenerative gland]) and has spread to different pieces of the body or that has not spread to different pieces of the body yet has not been helped by other clinical medicines. Apalutamide is in […]

How Does an Early access Program Work?

Named patient programs are those which provide access of those medicines to the patients and physicians which are not available in their own country. It permits pharmaceuticals and Biotech companies to post permit the medicines or drugs that no longer exist in the market or are not in the clinical trials for a long time. These […]

New skin cancer medicines announced under Named Patient Program

Skin cancer is caused as a result of genetic mutation, reduced immune functioning and some anomalous abrasions in the cells. Much prudent on its part, the skin oncology field has designed new skin cancer medicines that share a major link between internal scaffolding and nodding pathways that activate the abnormal growth of carcinogenic cells. This hidden perpetrator causes […]

Anti-Coagulation and It’s Treatment

Anti-coagulation and its treatment Anti-coagulants are the medicines given to the patients suffering from high rate of blood clotting problem(s). Under the administration of anti-coagulants, the chances of getting a heart attack or stroke at a serious level reduces. A blood clot is created to heal up a wound and stop bleeding; however, when it happens frequently, it […]

Hematology treatment through Named Patient Program

Hematology treatment through Named Patient Program Hematology is the study concerned with analysis, treatment, cause and prevention from diseases related to blood. Blood related diseases affect the production of blood cells, red blood cells and white blood cells, plasma, hemoglobin, bone marrow, spleen and disrupt the coagulation mechanism. Hematology is generally meant to diagnose and treat […]

Thyroid Cancer Treatment Through Named Patient Program

Thyroid cancer treatment through named patient program Thyroid gland is the one that makes and releases a hormone “Thyroxin” and controls heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, memory power and body temperature. It is a butterfly shaped gland with the right and the left lobe at the base of the throat near the wind pipe. […]

Genetic Named Patient Medicines and Treatment

Manufacturing, approving and launching all the drugs is difficult especially for rare diseases. Patients suffering from rare diseases commonly suffer as they remain devoid of treatment. However, some pharmaceutical consulting services like AlleviareIndia provide services to the doctors, hospitals, patients and government hospitals with named patient medicines approved under named patient programs. Genetic ailments fall under such rare ones that stay mostly untreated […]