Thyroid Cancer Treatment Through Named Patient Program

Thyroid cancer treatment through named patient program

Thyroid gland is the one that makes and releases a hormone “Thyroxin” and controls heart rate, blood pressure, body weight, memory power and body temperature. It is a butterfly shaped gland with the right and the left lobe at the base of the throat near the wind pipe. Any uncontrolled and abnormal mutation in the gland results in cancer. These are further of the following types – papillary, follicular, anaplastic and medullary thyroid cancer.

How to diagnose?

Thyroid cancer is usually diagnosed through :-

 Physical exam of swelling in the neck, lymph nodes and voice box
● Laryngoscopy (a procedure to check a voice box or Larynx)
● Abnormal level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
● Blood sample to check the abruptly increased or decreased calcium level, the extremes of calcium in the blood are a signal towards thyroidal cancer
● Ultrasound followed by biopsy to test any cyst found in the gland


There are certain named program medicines that can now be made available with the assistance of AlleviareIndia (a pharmaceutical distribution and marketing company) on a valid prescription of a certified practitioner. After many studies in Oncology and their positive results, some named program medicines like Lenvima, Cometriq and Caprelsa have been launched in the market to cure different forms of cancer.

Some of these are below :

 Lenvima, a kinase inhibitor is majorly used to treat patients with locally radioactive iodine refractory discerned thyroid cancer
● Cometriq is used to treat patients with uncontrolled metastatic medullary thyroid cancer(MTC)
● Capresla like Lenvima is also a kinase inhibitor used to treat advanced medullary thyroid cancer.


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